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Labor Day | September 7, 2009

As the days of summer seem to quickly tick past, Labor Day weekend has become the defacto close of fun and frivolity.

Yet as I consider the purpose of the Day, and what we are to celebrate (not that anyone actually does) I am saddened.  At one time labor unions performed an admirable purpose.  They guarded the worker from overzealous owners and foremen, they provided a structure for the common worker to express their dissent due to a lack of government protection.

Now, as we rapidly move forward to modern day, we have come to a point where both state and federal governments have established a plethora of alphabet soup agencies to do the work that at one time the unions had performed.  What purpose do labor unions still perform?  Do labor unions bring anything to the table in this modern day?  Do we separate labor unions from trade unions?  How does the concept of the Right to Work work in this environment?  How do we blend in the concept of Right to Work States into the mix?

As a general rule I argue labor unions (as separately defined from trade unions) are an anchor around the neck of business.  They should be discarded as the dinosaurs they have become and be encouraged to die a quick death (hemlock would be a good suggested method).  Labor unions are counter productive to their purported purpose of maintaining a fair work environment.  Labor unions eventually protect the least productive employee, and create work rules that raise the cost of doing business to the point that a business either declares bankruptcy or moves out of town.  Where the hell are the jobs they were protecting now?  Gone.

I separate a trade union because trade unions are much more similar to the old guilds than modern labor unions.  They act as a means for continuous educational training, for obtaining jobs and ensuring a consistent work quality.

More thoughts later.

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  1. I agree with you. Having worked with a Union before, they tend to foster unproductive employees, career complacent employees, and they stifle those employees who want to grow because they can’t get pass the career complacent employees who have more seniority.

    I have long felt that the BIG hand of government already restricts employers from doing many thing ( both good and bad ). The added burden of a Union merely digs deeper into the pocket books.

    However, if my history is correct, the rise and unification of the laborers have often been the tool of certain authorities to usurp their power. I was digging through some Nazi and Soviet Propaganda posters from the WWII era, and there definitely is a catering to the labor class.

    Comment by Money — September 8, 2009 @ 6:56 pm

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