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Late night phone calls. | September 26, 2009

Ever been laying on the couch late at night, or crawling into bed, after a day of working hard?  Your body is exhausted and your mind is beginning to shut down for that well needed rest.  The only thing you are looking forward to is closing your eyes and drifting off into dreamland.

Then the damn phone rings.  You’re up with a start and looking around the room going “What the hell was that?”.  After the second ring you realize that the barking handset is your evening’s nemesis.  Reaching over you pick up the handset and look at the caller ID and go “Who the hell is that?”.  The heart starts to beat a little faster.  Is it the police?  Has something happened to a parent?  Sibling?  Really, who is calling this late a night and it not be an emergency?  You answer.

“Hey honey, (hic) whatcha’ wearing?”

Oh, hell.  The wife is out with some friends for the weekend and she’s drunk.  I love her. 🙂  Send me pictures, and let me get back to sleep.

Do I really care if my wife is out having a good time?  Hell no!  She needs time away from me and the kids as much (if not more so) than I.  Was I really upset that she called?  After realizing that it wasn’t the drunk tank or a cop on the side of the road calling about something more serious, I was fine.

Love is a funny thing.  We’re so much more likely to forgive something that our loved ones do, than someone else in our lives.  Passion of the heart will lead our misery away.

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