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The coming Christmas | December 19, 2009

As we once again roll into the final stretch of the Christmas season we will soon find ourselves surrounded by our family, loving and otherwise.

I’ve found these last couple of years that Christmas is a holiday with mixed feelings.  As a Catholic I am joyful that we will shortly be celebrating the birth of our Savior, yet I am also saddened by the absence of friends or family that we have lost in the several years past.  Lost through distance or being welcomed into the loving arms of God himself.  Joy and sorrow.  Two sides of the same coin.  Can I strive to not let the sadness permeate the joy?  All I can do is try, despite the melancholy surroundings of the seasons here in the Upper Midwest.

Truth be told, I prefer the snow over the rain.  Yeah, it may be cold and wet, but it is also beautiful.  Silent snowflakes falling in the moonlit darkness, a silent whisper on the wind of a coming chill, the crunch of the snow beneath your feet as you walk amongst the fragrant pines of the woods in search of that perfect tree.  Glittering snow off in the distance reflecting the moon’s glow from high above revealing all that is about you.  A feeling of being watched?  Of course, the owl in the tree aloft is looking over its shoulder and considering the nature of the intrusion.  In a flurry of wings and drifting flakes it is gone, a silent hunter of the night.

Ah, magic is all about us in nature.  We merely need to let our eyes remain open and be receptive of God’s creation.

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