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Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill

March 28, 2011
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I keep hearing that the Budget Repair Law in Wisconsin is not valid until published in the newspaper.  Soooo, let’s look to see what the law requires.  I did a word search in CHAPTER 35 – PUBLICATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF LAWS AND PUBLIC DOCUMENTS for the word newspaper.

LEGAL NOTICES; CLASS 5 (Definition: Class 5 — Legal notices.)
35.35 Requisition procedure
(1) (a) The legislative reference bureau shall provide to the secretary of state camera−ready copy in type not smaller than 5.5 point for the printing of any enrolled proposed constitutional amendment and of each enrolled resolution ordered to be printed in the official state newspaper by the president of the senate for resolutions originating in the senate or by the speaker of the assembly for resolutions originating in the assembly. The copy shall identify material deleted from existing law by stricken type, and material inserted into existing law by underscored type.
(b) The department may contract to sell, at a price equal to the cost of composition, camera−ready copy of the laws to any commercial publisher.
(2) Every state agency required by law to publish legal notices in a newspaper shall furnish printer’s copy to the department with a requisition therefor.
(3) All such printing shall be in the English language.

35.36 Fees; state legal notices.
(1) The compensation to the official state newspaper and other papers for all legal notices required to be published at the expense of the state may not exceed the rates specified in s. 985.08 (1), (2) and (3). All expenditures incidental to such printing shall be absorbed by the newspaper doing the publishing. Whenever the state elects to provide camera−ready copy for the publication of its facsimile ballots or other legal notices the maximum chargeable rates shall be adjusted as provided in s. 985.08 (2) (b).
(2) The costs of publication of legal notices shall, unless otherwise provided by law, be charged to the appropriation of the agency on whose order such publication is made.

35.84 Distribution, to whom.
The department shall make distribution of official documents as indicated and shall charge the appropriations of the state agency publishing or arranging for publication of each official document for the total cost of distribution as determined under s. 35.80. Distribution is automatic unless indicated otherwise. [See Figure 35.84 following]
(Editorial note: cropped the table for clarity)
99. Each newspaper as listed in Blue Book . . . . . . . . . . .
Blue Books; Code and s. 35.24 (1)

OK, anyone else unable to find anything in the law saying that the law is not valid until published?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

Secretary of State LaFollette, you are full of crap.



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